Brine that Heritage Turkey

DSCF1144Thanksgiving is barreling down on us and it couldn’t happen fast enough for us at the farm.

We are raising 3o turkeys. THIRTY.  That is a ridiculously high number.

Nature took matters into her own hands and demanded that the Midget White breed go forth and multiply.  And we let it happen.  Seven months later and a stout organic feed bill later, we are nearing the end of this season and looking forward to it.

We have applied for a Dept of Ag Special Permit to Slaughter and plan to butcher Sunday, November 23rd.  Norm and I do the work ourselves and have established somewhat of an efficient dance with the process.  We don’t talk a lot and by the end of the day, we are both emotionally exhausted.  I guess I would define our act of raising food as a spiritual one.

I cannot write it better myself, so I’d like to encourage you to follow the link to Victoria Redhed Miller’s blog post about preparing your heritage turkey.

This is the talented lady we purchased our original poults from.  Victoria rocks in all sorts of ways.  She’s a talented author, homesteader, distiller, etc. AND she contributes to the Mother Earth News Fairs, which I so adore. Here is a link to her humorous, informative book, which also includes a chapter on preparing heritage birds.

We planned ahead and chose to brine 2 out of 3 of the heritage birds we have prepared.  YOU MUST BRINE, PEOPLE!  Don’t question it, just do it.  These amazing birds aren’t butterballs(thank god), they haven’t been infused, or made wimpy in any way, so they need to be treated differently.

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